In 2018 I was awarded the SU-CASA Grant to teach drawing at the Hugh Gilroy Neighborhood Senior Center in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Every week from January to June, I worked with residents at the Kingsborough Houses to expand their visual vocabulary and their confidence and skills with pencil and pen and ink. Some participants created figurative images, some were abstract, and some created narratives and sequential art. Some residents worked exclusively in black and white, some experimented with color. Below is a small offering of their work.

The SU-CASA is a collaboration among the NYC Council, the Department of Cultural Affairs, the Department for the Aging, and Brooklyn Arts Council. The program is funded in FY18 by NYC Council and we would like to thanks Councilmember Alicka Amprey-Samuel for her support. Brooklyn Arts Council is proud to administer this program on behalf of the Borough of Brooklyn.

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